Okay, y'all, bear with me. I'm fairly new to this blogging thing! I'm also fairly new to running a business. My husband, Mr. Lights Out, has been doing most of the work with Lights Out Industries (which we recently separated into two brands - Lights Out Industries, which will focus on corporate and creative filmmaking, and Lights Out Weddings, which is all about, you guessed it, weddings!). I would help by being second shooter at weddings and occasionally sending an email, but for the most part, Lights Out was his baby.

Then, it kind of hit us that I'm much better at the front end of a business. Don't get me wrong, he's great, but I tend to be more of a wordsmith when it comes to blogging and getting our name out there, and more organized when it comes to bookkeeping. So, we decided that I would handle the paperwork, networking, coordinating with our wonderful clients and other vendors, and he would handle making our videos look as stunning as they always do!

Once I started working on branding our business, networking, and talking to potential clients, I realized that this is so much fun! Any time I start to get discouraged, or worry that I'm doing something wrong, a booking comes in or a client leaves a sweet review and I can't help but think I must be doing something right!

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about setting goals for myself personally when it comes to our business, and I thought that if I put it out there into the world by way of a blog, I would need to hold myself more accountable for making them happen than I would if I just kept them to myself. So, here goes!

This year, I want to:

-Book 10 weddings. (We're halfway there!)
-Be able to justify a good pair of "shoot shoes," so that after a 10-12 hour day on the job, my feet don't want to leave me. Tieks, anyone?
-Attend a Gather workshop and build lasting relationship with other #girlbosses.
-Book an out of state wedding.
-Book an out of the southeast wedding. (I'd love to travel!)

Within the next few years, I want to:

-Network with as many wonderful wedding professionals as I can. I truly am amazed at the love and support I've felt from complete strangers in the short time that I've been handling more in the Lights Out office.
-Be able to pass that love along, and mentor an up-and-coming wedding professional, offering support and encouragement, as well as experience and tricks of the trade!
-Be featured somewhere. I'm sure eventually I will care where, but for now I would love for Josh's beautiful editing work to be featured on a blog, in a newsletter, at a workshop, the sky is the limit!
-Book an international wedding. Hey, if I'm going to dream, why not make it BIG, am I right?!

So, those are my (right now) goals! It'll be so much fun to look back on this post a year from now, then again five years from now, to see how these goals played out! I'm hoping that life will far surpass these little goals of mine.

love & light-

Mrs. Lights Out