Pickana Wedding

Both Mr. Lights Out and myself were born and raised in central Georgia. That may not seem interesting at all, except for the fact that growing up in central Georgia and near Robins Air Force Base has given us a deeper appreciation for our military than many other areas of the country may feel. That's likely the case for locals near any military bases. While we can't offer much to our military and first responders (I'm the child of a law enforcement officer, and first responders are just as important to us!) but we are proud to offer a discount to these, our heroes.

I met Heather and her mom at Starbucks to go over their wedding details, and knew immediately that I was going to love filming with them. I sat at Starbucks with them chatting, probably longer than I intended to, but they were so inviting and gracious, and the type of people that you just want to be around. I knew that if John was marrying Heather, he'd be the same. (Spoiler alert: I was right.)

John and Heather were married on Lake Blackshear on a perfect March day. One of my favorite shots I've ever captured was a shot from behind Heather, when she places John's ring on his finger. You'll see it in their wedding film. The camera pans up from their hands to his face, and the pure joy and emotion in his eyes is what videographers dream of. Every time I see that moment, I get chills again. You can tell, just by being around them, just how much these two love each other.

Fun fact: Heather is a twin, and her twin sister and her twin sister's twin babies were all in the wedding party. Talk about a twin party!


love & light,

Mrs. Lights Out