Goals: 2017 Edition

It's been a busy few months in the Lights Out office, even though we are in "engagement season" and had January and February off from filming weddings. Time off is no excuse to slack off, so we've taken these few weeks to update our pricing and package offerings, network with other creative professionals, curate the perfect items for our client welcome gifts, and we've booked a TON of fall weddings.

On January 9, Mr. Lights Out threw down the gauntlet for me. He knows that I've had my eye on a specific pair of shoes that many other wedding professionals recommend for the long days on your feet, and also on a nice camera bag for my gear. He said, "let's make it a challenge. As soon as you book 10 new weddings, order yourself the Tieks and bag." Well, it's exactly two months later and I'm over halfway there! Tonight, I will be at 7 weddings booked since we started that "challenge". Y'all, my feet can already feel my Tieks and my camera is already itching to be in its new bag!

Realizing that we are so close to this goal got me thinking about Lights Out, past goals, and where I want Lights Out to be in the future.

I set goals for Lights Out on this blog on April 28, 2016. (You can read the full post here!) My 2016 goals were:

  1. To book 10 weddings for 2016. (We far exceeded that goal-and now it's a goal that we're closing in on during just the first quarter of this year!)
  2. Be able to justify a good pair of "shoot shoes". (Did I mention my most recent goal?)
  3. Attend a gather workshop and build lasting relationships with other #girlbosses. (I haven't attended Gather, yet, but I am cultivating relationships every day!)
  4. Book an out of state wedding (HAY, Petroff wedding in beautiful Bluffton, SC!)
  5. Book an out of the southeast wedding. (We're filming an elopement in CALIFORNIA this May, which we booked last year!)

Not too shabby, I'd say. Now, for the 2017 goals:

  1. Book 10 weddings by the end of MARCH. (We're soooooo close!)
  2. Book a September-November wedding in Orlando. (This one is totally selfish, but I want to go to the Food and Wine Festival at Disney World and if we're already there for a wedding, we might as well stay an extra day and go to Epcot AMIRIGHT?!)
  3. Expand Lights Out enough to have two full two-person teams. (Right now, there are three of us that make up Lights Out: myself, Mr. Lights Out, and Alex. Alex has quickly become one of my very best friends and has been going to weddings with us, learning the trade, our style of shooting, and how we brand ourselves. Pretty soon we'll teach him how to use our editing software and he'll be able to lead a second team. We just need to find one more perfect person and Lights Out will be able to film two weddings on the same day! (Yes-we've already had two brides want us on the same day! Pinch me, I'm dreaming!))
  4. Book more out of state and out of the southeast weddings. (We LOVE to travel. Our bags are packed and ready to go! Brides, just say when and where!)
  5. Purchase a third camera. (A third (and even a fourth, if we achieve goal #3) camera will help us get even more coverage for our couples on their big day!)
  6. Buy stock in Starbucks. (Okay, this one is a joke, but with the amount of time we spend with brides at Starbucks and the number of gift cards we give out for meetups and client referrals, it'd probably be in our best interest to have Starbucks stocks....)
  7. Long Term: I still want an out of the country wedding. I won't stop until it happens. (If you're going to dream and plan, it might as well be big, right?)

To quote myself from my #Goals! post last year, "So, these are my (right now) goals! It'll be so much fun to look back on this post a year from now, then again five years from now, to see how these goals played out! I'm hoping that life will far surpass these little goals of mine." It's not even a year later and my goals from 2016 were exceeded far more than I ever could've expected. I can already tell that 2017 will be even more magical than last year, and that we'll keep moving forward and growing with Lights Out!

So, 2018 Mandy: you did it!

love & light,

Mrs. Lights Out