Grantham Elopement

 "We want you both to come along and film our elopement." I don't remember exactly what I was doing, but I know where I was: I was sitting at my dining room table. Josh was a few feet away, in the recliner in our living room. My phone vibrated with an email, and I casually glanced over and saw that it was an email from Evan Grantham, who I'd been chatting back and forth with about his plans to marry his beautiful Taylor. I opened the email and immediately locked onto those words. I'm certain that I took a few years off of the lives of my husband and our four precious dogs when I gasped, shrieked, and jumped out of my chair. I'm sure after he regained a normal heart rate, he asked what on earth was wrong with me, but all I could get out was "we are going to film in YOSEMITE!"

When we first came in contact with Evan and Taylor, it was to film their middle Georgia wedding. We'd signed all the dotted lines, crossed t's and dotted i's and were fully ready to celebrate them closer to home. That's about the time that Evan and Taylor decided that a traditional wedding just wasn't their style. These two love God, the outdoors, and each other. Where else would they get married than the most breathtaking example of God's majesty that I have ever laid these two eyes on?

On April 28, 2016, I set goals for Lights Out. They included: “Book an out of state wedding” and “Book an out of the southeast wedding.”  Little did I know that, just a few short months later, we’d check off both of those goals in one day!

I'm not going to lie: the roughly 6 months between our getting that news and actually getting to be a part of their day were agonizing. We were so excited for them, and to be a part of such an amazing opportunity was such a blessing for us. I know that our "is it time yet?"s were nothing to what Evan and Taylor felt. Being engaged and planning your wedding seems to drag on long enough, but knowing that your wedding will be such an adventure had to have been an excruciating wait for them!

When it was finally May, Josh and I went to California a few days early (on our own dime, of course!) to spend a little time in San Francisco before meeting Evan, Taylor, and their photographers, Donna and Amy at We Do Photography in Mariposa. San Francisco was magical--maybe I'll blog on it soon! We stayed in Modesto, halfway between San Francisco and Mariposa where everyone else was staying.

The day before they got married, we met everyone at the house that Evan and Taylor had rented, to caravan to Yosemite. Maybe, before we get to Yosemite, I should go ahead and give my disclaimer: I am not outdoorsy. I am very, very indoorsy. I like to be outside if I am at the beach or in a cool, historic downtown area and...that's about it. Remember that when I tell you that I LOVED BEING OUTSIDE IN YOSEMITE.

The ride into Yosemite is breathtaking. We rode through an area lined with trees older than the "historic" cities that I love, and every now and then we'd come to a break in the tree line and see huge waterfalls off in the distance, pouring off of the tops of mountains taller than any I've ever seen in person.  Every time I'd think I had seen the most beautiful landscape I could ever witness, we'd come around another bend and I'd see something else to put the last view to shame. The first day, we hiked and scoped out potential locations for their ceremony. Taylor had her heart set on getting married on top of Half Dome, but unfortunately, snow still covered the passes to get there. (A fact that we couldn't believe, seeing that where we were, it was in the low 80s!) We hiked along streams, over huge boulders, and trekked around the bottom of Bridal Veil Falls. Then, we came to THE spot: Turtleback Dome. I think that every single one of us knew the moment that we stepped onto it, that it was going to be the place for Evan and Taylor to say their "I Do"s. It overlooked canyons, and Half Dome and El Capitan were visible in the background.

We said our goodbyes and got ready to make the drive back to Modesto. We were starving, as we didn't come prepared for hiking (by way of food) at all! As soon as we regained cell service, I found 1850 Brewing Company in downtown Mariposa and we stopped there for steak and a burger. It was so good that we ate there the following night, too, and bought t-shirts to remember it by! If you're ever in Mariposa, do yourself a favor and go get their Tri Tip--you won't be disappointed.

The next morning, Taylor got ready at the home she and Evan had rented, and they shared their first look in Donna and Amy's picturesque backyard. All of their female vendors cried when they read each other letters they'd written for this momentous day, and exchanged gifts they'd selected with each other in mind. You guys--get a load of that dress. Talk about stunning! Not that Taylor needs any help being beautiful, of course...just look at her! When none of us could stand waiting any longer, we caravanned to Yosemite again, and spent the day capturing little moments around the park leading up to their ceremony time.

We met their officiant on top of Turtleback Dome, and Evan and Taylor vowed forever to each other as the sun set. It was such a breathtakingly flawless, significant moment. We were in such a beautiful, vast, glorious place that makes you realize just how small you are, but their love filled the canyons that we stood overlooking.

We left soon after they were married, so that they could get a few minutes alone, soaking up the moment, before heading back to their catered dinner at their house. I'll never forget their officiant's words as we all got in our cars. He turned to them and wished them "true love and high adventure!"

Can you really ask for more in life than those two things?


Congratulations, Evan and Taylor! May true love and high adventure follow you always. 

love & light, 

Mrs. Lights Out

Pickana Wedding

Both Mr. Lights Out and myself were born and raised in central Georgia. That may not seem interesting at all, except for the fact that growing up in central Georgia and near Robins Air Force Base has given us a deeper appreciation for our military than many other areas of the country may feel. That's likely the case for locals near any military bases. While we can't offer much to our military and first responders (I'm the child of a law enforcement officer, and first responders are just as important to us!) but we are proud to offer a discount to these, our heroes.

I met Heather and her mom at Starbucks to go over their wedding details, and knew immediately that I was going to love filming with them. I sat at Starbucks with them chatting, probably longer than I intended to, but they were so inviting and gracious, and the type of people that you just want to be around. I knew that if John was marrying Heather, he'd be the same. (Spoiler alert: I was right.)

John and Heather were married on Lake Blackshear on a perfect March day. One of my favorite shots I've ever captured was a shot from behind Heather, when she places John's ring on his finger. You'll see it in their wedding film. The camera pans up from their hands to his face, and the pure joy and emotion in his eyes is what videographers dream of. Every time I see that moment, I get chills again. You can tell, just by being around them, just how much these two love each other.

Fun fact: Heather is a twin, and her twin sister and her twin sister's twin babies were all in the wedding party. Talk about a twin party!


love & light,

Mrs. Lights Out

Farace Wedding

Anyone that knows me (or anyone that has had more than a 15 minute conversation with me) knows that Savannah, Georgia is one of my favorite places in the world. It's similar to Disney World, for me, in that Savannah just feels different. There's a magic in the air that I can't quite put my finger on, but my soul feels infinitely lighter when I'm strolling through the Spanish moss lined streets of Historic Savannah. (Pro tip: DO NOT touch the moss unless you love bugs and want them all over you!)

When Shelly reached out to me and told me that her wedding was in Savannah, I was over the moon! Y'all-this bride is an absolute doll. She's stunningly beautiful and as sweet as she is gorgeous. A few weeks before the wedding, I had a quick FaceTime session with Shelly and Patrick (with a cameo by their dog Moose that the crazy dog lovers of Lights Out sorely missed at the wedding!) and I just couldn't get over how kind they both were and how, even virtually through FaceTime, I could feel the love between them.

As I've mentioned before, Savannah is a place of magic, and because of that, the weather is always perfect there. (No need to research that. You can trust me; I'm not biased.) The Faraces' November wedding day was no exception. They opted to do a First Look, which was hands down one of my favorite moments that we've ever filmed. Patrick's reaction to seeing his beautiful bride for the first time was a moment that we will certainly remember forever. (I'm glad that we'd brought along our third shooter, Alex, that day, because I was a blubbering mess for their First Look! It was so emotional, real, and heartwarming. I'm such a sap!)

The Faraces were married at the Georgia State Railroad Museum, in a courtyard lined by beautiful aged brick walls. Patrick's vows included Harry Potter references, which made this Potterhead sap cry yet again. You guys, this couple could be a movie. After the wedding, we moved to Savannah Station for a reception/concert combination! We enjoyed all the wonderful traditional moments like the first dance, parent dances, cake cutting, and the bouquet/garter tosses, all mixed into performances by The Geeks, a band that played fantastic covers that had everyone there singing and dancing along! Patrick and Shelly even took the stage for "All The Small Things". Their favors included CD mixtapes of some of their favorite songs, many of which I'd actually listened to on our ride from Macon to Savannah that morning! Clearly, in addition to their both being so lovely and sweet, they have exceptional taste in music as well!

The Faraces ended the magical evening with a lavender toss exit and rode away in a beautiful Rolls Royce.

Check out the Faraces' wedding film below. I hope it makes you feel even half of the magic that we felt that night.

It's been months, and we're still reeling.

love & light,

Mrs. Lights Out

Goals: 2017 Edition

It's been a busy few months in the Lights Out office, even though we are in "engagement season" and had January and February off from filming weddings. Time off is no excuse to slack off, so we've taken these few weeks to update our pricing and package offerings, network with other creative professionals, curate the perfect items for our client welcome gifts, and we've booked a TON of fall weddings.

On January 9, Mr. Lights Out threw down the gauntlet for me. He knows that I've had my eye on a specific pair of shoes that many other wedding professionals recommend for the long days on your feet, and also on a nice camera bag for my gear. He said, "let's make it a challenge. As soon as you book 10 new weddings, order yourself the Tieks and bag." Well, it's exactly two months later and I'm over halfway there! Tonight, I will be at 7 weddings booked since we started that "challenge". Y'all, my feet can already feel my Tieks and my camera is already itching to be in its new bag!

Realizing that we are so close to this goal got me thinking about Lights Out, past goals, and where I want Lights Out to be in the future.

I set goals for Lights Out on this blog on April 28, 2016. (You can read the full post here!) My 2016 goals were:

  1. To book 10 weddings for 2016. (We far exceeded that goal-and now it's a goal that we're closing in on during just the first quarter of this year!)
  2. Be able to justify a good pair of "shoot shoes". (Did I mention my most recent goal?)
  3. Attend a gather workshop and build lasting relationships with other #girlbosses. (I haven't attended Gather, yet, but I am cultivating relationships every day!)
  4. Book an out of state wedding (HAY, Petroff wedding in beautiful Bluffton, SC!)
  5. Book an out of the southeast wedding. (We're filming an elopement in CALIFORNIA this May, which we booked last year!)

Not too shabby, I'd say. Now, for the 2017 goals:

  1. Book 10 weddings by the end of MARCH. (We're soooooo close!)
  2. Book a September-November wedding in Orlando. (This one is totally selfish, but I want to go to the Food and Wine Festival at Disney World and if we're already there for a wedding, we might as well stay an extra day and go to Epcot AMIRIGHT?!)
  3. Expand Lights Out enough to have two full two-person teams. (Right now, there are three of us that make up Lights Out: myself, Mr. Lights Out, and Alex. Alex has quickly become one of my very best friends and has been going to weddings with us, learning the trade, our style of shooting, and how we brand ourselves. Pretty soon we'll teach him how to use our editing software and he'll be able to lead a second team. We just need to find one more perfect person and Lights Out will be able to film two weddings on the same day! (Yes-we've already had two brides want us on the same day! Pinch me, I'm dreaming!))
  4. Book more out of state and out of the southeast weddings. (We LOVE to travel. Our bags are packed and ready to go! Brides, just say when and where!)
  5. Purchase a third camera. (A third (and even a fourth, if we achieve goal #3) camera will help us get even more coverage for our couples on their big day!)
  6. Buy stock in Starbucks. (Okay, this one is a joke, but with the amount of time we spend with brides at Starbucks and the number of gift cards we give out for meetups and client referrals, it'd probably be in our best interest to have Starbucks stocks....)
  7. Long Term: I still want an out of the country wedding. I won't stop until it happens. (If you're going to dream and plan, it might as well be big, right?)

To quote myself from my #Goals! post last year, "So, these are my (right now) goals! It'll be so much fun to look back on this post a year from now, then again five years from now, to see how these goals played out! I'm hoping that life will far surpass these little goals of mine." It's not even a year later and my goals from 2016 were exceeded far more than I ever could've expected. I can already tell that 2017 will be even more magical than last year, and that we'll keep moving forward and growing with Lights Out!

So, 2018 Mandy: you did it!

love & light,

Mrs. Lights Out

Petroff Wedding

One of my goals for Lights Out Weddings for this year was to book an out of state wedding. When I set that goal, I had no idea that the Petroff wedding was on the horizon. But luckily, Abby contacted me about filming her coastal South Carolina wedding. She told me "it's only about 45 minutes outside of Savannah" and she had me. Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE Savannah, Georgia, and any excuse to get anywhere near there works on me. 

We started out with Abby and her bridesmaids at her parents' home in Bluffton. This neighborhood was stunning-right on a river. Her father told us about all the amazing features being a resident comes with. Kayaking, biking, a restaurant, shops....they had it all! Abby and her girls were so kind and welcoming, and we even got to meet her sweet dog!

After Abby was ready, we rode over to meet the guys in a gorgeous spot by the river for Abby and Alex's first look. Once again, I had to hide my weepiness!

Alex and Abby were married at the Oldfield River Club, underneath hundred year old trees and overlooking the river beyond. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Before their reception, we snuck away with the newlyweds and their amazing photographers to get some sunset shots by the water. You guys, I couldn't make this up if I tried...two dolphins swam up while we were filming. It was unreal

Their reception was one of the most fun we've ever experienced. Everyone was so excited to be there, and you could feel their joy for this fun couple. The word "fun" doesn't do these guys justice, but that's exactly what they were: so laid back and happy and all around fun to be around. We even learned the Ohio State fight song! 

Most of the reception centered around a patio overlooking the river, with twinkle lights hanging from the tree branches above. When the sun went down, it looked like something out of a movie. You'll see it in the video: everything was picturesque.

Alex and Abby, thank you so much for sharing your coastal wedding with us! It was absolutely perfect in every single way.

love & light,

Mrs. Lights Out

Yaun Wedding

Picture this: a warm September evening. There's a rustic barn with twinkle lights inside, horses in the pasture, and the sweet smell of sunset that you only really experience fully in the South. Friends and family are laughing, dancing, and all around enjoying being together. There's a gorgeous bride in the perfect dress laughing with her dapper groom. This, ladies and gentlemen, was the Yaun wedding.

Trey and Christa were married at Plantation Farms in Byron, Georgia. I'm a little bit partial to this venue for two reasons: 1- my baby sister got married there in May of 2015, and 2- this is the first (and only, so far) place I've convinced Mr. Lights Out to slow dance in public with me. The fact that it was to Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" was the icing on the cake!

We spent some time with the couple separately before their big first look, and y'all, what a fantastic first look it was. I've said before that my favorite part of any wedding is when the groom sees his bride for the first time, and this was no exception. You can tell in the way that they interact with each other that these two truly love each other.

The sun set shortly after their ceremony and it was into the barn for the reception. You guys, every detail was perfectly planned out and simply stunning. We ended the evening with a sparkler sendoff, and as you'll see in the video, it was perfect, too! This whole wedding was the stuff dreams are made of!

Congratulations, Trey + Christa!

love & light,

Mrs. Lights Out

The Evolution of Lights Out

Up until a few months ago, Josh was Lights Out Industries. Sure, I was second shooter at weddings and he ordered me some business cards to hand out. Yes, legally if something happened to him, Lights Out Industries would be mine by default. Of course, I wanted Lights Out Industries to succeed just as much as he did. All of the above is very true, but I didn't become fully invested in the Lights Out brand until I became more involved in the day-to-day running of the business.


I don't even think we really made a conscious decision for me to start Lights Out Weddings. We had a meeting with the fantastic Shawndra from Nosh Swill & Bliss, and she gave us a ton of fabulous ideas. I frantically jotted down some of the resources she suggested, some of which were SquareSpace and Rising Tide Society (more on Rising Tide later). You guys, I seriously connected my laptop to my phone's wifi and built our SquareSpace site on I-75 as Josh drove us home from Atlanta immediately after meeting with Shawndra. I was that excited. Isn't it funny how grabbing coffee with another creative can get you so motivated that you dive into new and exciting changes without even realizing how momentous it is? I made the website under the brand Lights Out Weddings, so that we could each have a part of Lights Out that was ours, while still wholly working, supporting, and nurturing both sides of Lights Out. He takes care of Lights Out Industries, the side of Lights Out that makes top notch short films, music videos, documentaries, and anything that isn't wedding/event related. Some of his short films have been placed in film festivals and I'm confident that we'll have some awards and recognition before the year is out. He and the friends he works with on those projects couldn't be more talented. I handle Lights Out Weddings, so I get to connect with other wedding vendors, hear about couples' fairy tale love stories, and spoil those couples when I can. Just wait until I post about our new client gifts! I'm already bursting to tell you all about them, but I'm still pulling together the details! Stay tuned!

After building our Lights Out Weddings website, I connected with the Rising Tide Society on Facebook. If that group isn't a critical part of my running our business, I don't know what is. I can't describe the amount of love, support, community, understanding, and creativity I've found in that group.

I've had my share of frustrations trying to decide what's best for Lights Out Weddings, I'll admit. I couldn't decide which studio management tool was best for us, or which calendar app would help me stay on top of workflow. (I'm happy to say I found both of those in Tavé.) I had an epic fail trying to get a last minute flyer for a wedding expo designed on Fiverr. There was silver lining there, though: I was so frustrated that I opened Photoshop and taught myself how to create a flyer from scratch. I've dealt with the nerves of communicating with potential clients and trying to find my groove in something so new to me.

But you know what? I absolutely love it! I love connecting with vendors across the country. I love having other wedding professionals around the world see our video on Instagram and comment that they love our work. I love being able to take my experiences (good and bad) and help another small business owner asking for advice. I love watching a love story unfold as couples that are so in love promise to devote their lives to each other. I love getting teary eyed every time I get to watch a groom see his bride for the first time. (That's my favorite part of a wedding, even more than the food!)

Most of all, I love that I have something so cool, so fun and exciting, something that I see having such big potential, that I get to share with my groom.



love & light,

Mrs. Lights Out

Amanda + Simon (#fbf!)

Since it's Friday, I thought I would post a "Flashback Friday" to a wedding we shot in April of 2014.

This bride is very near and dear to my heart. I've known her from the time I was in sixth grade at Feagin Mill Middle School in Warner Robins, and spent most of my entire middle school life having sleepovers with Amanda and our other friend Alisha. I attended my first real concert with her (It was *N SYNC and I am still convinced that JC Chasez was waving directly at us). I couldn't tell you how many hours I spent with Amanda and Alisha laughing, writing stories, planning our virtual "futures" via the Sims, cracking up over card games and Imaginiff, creating our own holiday, and surviving solely on Hot Pockets, s'mores, and wintergreen mints. To say that these two girls had a major impact on the person that I am today would be the understatement of the year.

There's something you should know about Amanda. She is fantastic at languages. I'm pretty good with them, myself, don't get me wrong. I could go to any French or Spanish speaking country right now, and from my studies of both languages in high school and college, I could survive. I'm by no means fluent, but I could get a hotel room, get food, and find a bathroom. Amanda, on the other hand, could study a language for 10 minutes and be fluent. She just picks it up naturally.

When all of the members of *N SYNC and O-Town either married, came out, or got old, I knew that the lives that we had so carefully planned out in the countless stories we wrote and all the Sim families we'd made would have to change. Amanda clearly didn't have what Lance Bass was looking for and (much to my dismay) Ashley Parker Angel got engaged. What in the world would we do?!

Amanda found Simon and they had a fairytale beach wedding in beautiful Amelia Island. This was our first "destination wedding" and it did not disappoint! They rented a beach house and held the reception there, and I honestly don't think it could have been any more perfect. The house was walking distance to the beach, and the ceremony was so sweet. Their two sweet puppies were "Best Dog" and "Dog of Honor" and both wore the cutest tu- tus in the couple's colors. They did a sand ceremony which was perfect for their beach wedding. We took some photos, then walked back to the house for fantastic Mexican food and margaritas. It was by far one of the most special weddings I've been to, both as a videographer and as a guest.

These sweet angels were so perfect and so well behaved! 

These sweet angels were so perfect and so well behaved! 

When Amanda told me that Simon's family was in Mexico and that the video would be sent to them so that they could relive the day, I knew it would be cherished forever:

love & light- 

Mrs. Lights Out

Unplugged Weddings - why you shouldn't be down with devices.

I'll go ahead and start this post out by saying that I'm mildly obsessed with my iPhone. Okay, maybe mildly isn't a fair word. I'm overly obsessed with my iPhone. It's on me nearly 24/7 and if by some odd coincidence I forget to grab it when I leave my house, I feel like I'm missing an arm.  What's not to love about being constantly connected, having an answer to almost any question you could think to ask at your fingertips, and the ability to record any given moment within seconds by simply opening a camera app? You can share your child's first steps with friends and family across the globe, check your bank account from virtually anywhere, and sign offers on your dream home, all on this tiny screen. You guys, smart phones are remarkable.

Now that I've got that off my chest, I have to preach against iPhones for a minute.

Over the past few years, we've filmed our fair share of weddings, and constantly run into the same problem. I'm at the front of the ceremony venue, facing back towards the doors when Wagner's march starts playing: "here comes the bride", and I'm all set up to get the perfect shot. All heads are turned towards this beautiful, blushing bride as she locks eyes with the man that will be her husband within 10 minutes. Just as the bride's smile gets even more radiant, an iPad blocks my camera's path. And so it begins. Before the bride makes it halfway down the aisle, I can count 10 cell phones, at least 2 iPads, and several digital cameras, flashing away like Kim Kardashian has just faceplanted on the concrete in front of some swanky LA night club. I notice the photographer's dejected face. Their camera settings were perfectly aligned with the lighting in this venue, but now many of their photos will be washed out by the endless flashes of phones and cameras. My videos and the photographer's photos will be littered with tiny screens that belong to guests that are "enjoying" the ceremony through a screen instead of being truly present for the biggest moment in this couple's life thus far.

This photo was taken by Christine Gosch. Check out her beautiful work at !

This photo was taken by Christine Gosch. Check out her beautiful work at!

Christine's photo above is stunning, but imagine how much more special this image would have been to the bride without the distraction of the camera and cell phone in the background.

I don't mean to bash Uncle Charlie and his iPad, or Grandma that just learned how to use this digital camera she got for Christmas. I swear! Just stick with me on this, okay?

Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of shooting two "unplugged weddings" in Atlanta. These couples made or bought huge signs that they placed in the entrance to their ceremonies, and both read something along the lines of: "Welcome to our UNPLUGGED wedding! We invite you to be fully present with us during our ceremony. Please turn off all cell phones, cameras, and other electronics during the ceremony! Thank you!". I can't describe how happy Mr. Lights Out and I were to see those signs. It meant that our ceremony footage would be free of anything digital: just these couples, so in love, and their nearest and dearest. These ceremonies were by far the most intimate, most romantic, most beautiful ceremonies we've shot in the several years we've been filming weddings. Guests were (albeit somewhat "forced") able to fully appreciate what a momentous occasion this was for the couple, and to totally immerse themselves in the love in the room. The moment capturing was left to the professionals: the people paid the be there that day to do just that. Both couples allowed the electronics to come back out for the reception, so the guests were still able to capture their own memories, and everyone was happier for it!

If you're a bride, you should at least consider the idea of an Unplugged Wedding. I promise, your ceremony films and photos will be so much better for it! Welcome your guests to snap away at the reception, and make or buy signs encouraging them to use your wedding hashtag, so that you can see all the candid shots that your unofficial photographers capture during the reception. I even found a great blog that tells you how to create a custom Snapchat geofilter for your wedding.

Thinking of giving it a go? Check out these etsy shops to get your own Unplugged Wedding sign:

BuffyWeddings offers stunningcustomizable printed signs in several different colletions. BuffyWeddings could be a one stop shop as their collections cover everything from welcome signs, escort cards, table numbers, and even holiday ornaments! 

LCoOnEtsy creates gorgeous customized chalkboard style signs, menus, table numbers, and more, and they offer instant downloads to print at home!

The Paper Walrus hand letters beautiful rustic style wood signs, customized perfectly to fit your needs.


love & light-

Mrs. Lights Out


Okay, y'all, bear with me. I'm fairly new to this blogging thing! I'm also fairly new to running a business. My husband, Mr. Lights Out, has been doing most of the work with Lights Out Industries (which we recently separated into two brands - Lights Out Industries, which will focus on corporate and creative filmmaking, and Lights Out Weddings, which is all about, you guessed it, weddings!). I would help by being second shooter at weddings and occasionally sending an email, but for the most part, Lights Out was his baby.

Then, it kind of hit us that I'm much better at the front end of a business. Don't get me wrong, he's great, but I tend to be more of a wordsmith when it comes to blogging and getting our name out there, and more organized when it comes to bookkeeping. So, we decided that I would handle the paperwork, networking, coordinating with our wonderful clients and other vendors, and he would handle making our videos look as stunning as they always do!

Once I started working on branding our business, networking, and talking to potential clients, I realized that this is so much fun! Any time I start to get discouraged, or worry that I'm doing something wrong, a booking comes in or a client leaves a sweet review and I can't help but think I must be doing something right!

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about setting goals for myself personally when it comes to our business, and I thought that if I put it out there into the world by way of a blog, I would need to hold myself more accountable for making them happen than I would if I just kept them to myself. So, here goes!

This year, I want to:

-Book 10 weddings. (We're halfway there!)
-Be able to justify a good pair of "shoot shoes," so that after a 10-12 hour day on the job, my feet don't want to leave me. Tieks, anyone?
-Attend a Gather workshop and build lasting relationship with other #girlbosses.
-Book an out of state wedding.
-Book an out of the southeast wedding. (I'd love to travel!)

Within the next few years, I want to:

-Network with as many wonderful wedding professionals as I can. I truly am amazed at the love and support I've felt from complete strangers in the short time that I've been handling more in the Lights Out office.
-Be able to pass that love along, and mentor an up-and-coming wedding professional, offering support and encouragement, as well as experience and tricks of the trade!
-Be featured somewhere. I'm sure eventually I will care where, but for now I would love for Josh's beautiful editing work to be featured on a blog, in a newsletter, at a workshop, the sky is the limit!
-Book an international wedding. Hey, if I'm going to dream, why not make it BIG, am I right?!

So, those are my (right now) goals! It'll be so much fun to look back on this post a year from now, then again five years from now, to see how these goals played out! I'm hoping that life will far surpass these little goals of mine.

love & light-

Mrs. Lights Out

Memory Packaging

Eek! We are so thrilled to share the new product packaging we will be offering our clients! 


Clients will have the option to choose a rustic sliding wooden box and matching wood USB drive, or to upgrade to a vintage style black box with a white USB drive.  



The USB drives are engraved with the Lights Out logo on one side (a little something to remember us by!) and the words "Oh, what beautiful memories this holds" on the other.


We can't wait to deliver these to our gorgeous brides!


love & light-

Mrs. Lights Out